What It Sounds Like (Mo-DEEH-ta)

If you didn't know what this word meant, what would its shape and sound suggest to you? I imagine an Indian Goddess, earth-colored, dancing. Her fingers are making intricate mudras, and her hair is curiling in seductive, whirling patterns around her head.

What It Actually Means

Mudita, in fact, is a Sanskrit word describing the kind of unselfish joy one can sometimes feel in another's good fortune or happiness. There's no pride or profit attached to this satisfaction, just a detached but profound delight.  Its opposite would be a word like the German schandenfreude, which describes pleasure derived from others' pain. 

Where It Comes From

This Hindi word for appreciative joy is mentioned in the Rig Veda and Sam Veda (3000 B.C.).

Now Go Out There And USE it!

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