Things I'll Never Say, Stories About Our Secret Selves

Things I'll Never Say

Edited by award-winning author Ann Angel, this anthology of short stories is told by some of the most innovative, compelling YA writers in the field. Louise's story, along with fourteen other amazing "secrets," offer astonishing glimpses into the interior lives of young characters struggling to strike a balance between the personal and the private, the illicit and the approved, the individual and the group. What secrets are yours to keep? Which are the ones you need to tell? How will they change your life when you do? 

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: "...Rather than providing tidy solutions to the characters’ dilemmas, the stories focus on the feelings of entrapment and anxiety that go along with living a lie."

KIRKUS: "In Louise Hawes' 'When We Were Wild,' the alcohol-soaked fairy tales told by the mother of the outcast girl the narrator refuses to admit to being friends with, sparkle with twisted hopefulness."

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