Muti's Necklace, the Oldest Story in the World

Muti Cover

 Set in ancient Egypt and subtitled, "The Oldest Story in the World," this picture book story was inspired by my study of the Westcar Papyrus, arguably the first short story collection ever written. Unlike the papyrus, however, this book focuses, not on the Pharaoh or his royal courtiers, but on a lowly serving girl who stands up to all of them. Illustrated by Rebecca Guay, each page sparkles like a gem and recreates a time when Egyptian civilization graced the banks of the Nile with learning, power, and a classic beauty that lives on in this lush book.

AAUW Children's Award Nominee

Texas Blue Bonnet Nominee

 Wilde Picture Book Award (Raleigh News and Observer)    

Educational Materials Center, University of Wisconsin

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