Anteaters Don't Dream

anteaters lo

These stories' protagonists are all technically adults, but their voices and concerns are as varied as their ages, from 14 to 84: there's a grown daughter, wrestling with guilt over her aging mother's placement in a nursing home; there's a young teenager remembering his dead sister and desperate to find ways to keep those memories alive; there's a middle-aged woman who refuses to let menopause strangle her passion; and an upwardly mobile professional who, in the title story, finds his career short-circuited by a female competitor.

NORTH CAROLINA LITERARY REVIEW: "... Her confident, fluid prose makes it easy to "crawl inside" her characters' heads and hearts and live their lives. Her controlled and seemingly effortless writing has you seeing the world from each protagonist's perspective. And her imagery, rendered in just enough detail, stays with you for days...."

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